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In the project page, the limit of 10K messages retained in the slack channel is cited as a limiting factor. Is there a way automatically harvest the last 10K messages every week? Then we could go back and see what articles/discussions were had prior to the creation of the wiki and do some interesting analyses of the data around the community.


All public channel conversations (text, not other content) are automatically captured via webhooks sent to a modified version of [Slackalytics] into a MongoDB for raw storage. Private conversations (DMs and Private Channels) and Local Channels (#local-xxx) are not captured. The raw data is primarily used to double check any complaints for historical context to the problem, searching for one-off items at a users' request, and to occasionally gather metrics on user engagement.

The short answer is, no. There are solutions that I believe do what you are looking for but they cost money, something that Measure Slack is already running into issues with.