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Measure Chat Wiki is a MediaWiki powered wiki intended to provide a collaborative environment for the longterm storage of information of interest to (but not limited to) data science, data visualization, digital/web analytics, and digital marketing professionals and newcomers.


The Slack product has served, and continues to serve, the digital marketing Measure Chat community with great value. As Measure Chat is a non-corporate entity with no intention to be for-profit, options are limited to continue to foster such community engagement without restrictions of some kind. This restricts Measure Chat to the free/community version of Slack, as to avoid any costs from Slack or from self hosting an alternate platform of similar capabilities.

While there is no replacing the rapid communication of a chat-styled platform such as Slack, there is a need to "warehouse" distilled content from the chats.

This is what Measure Chat Wiki intends to provide.

Factors / Restrictions

The free/community version of Slack is restricted to the last 10,000 messages across all channels. At the time of writing the 10,000 message limit means that information is available for all users between 2 weeks and 4 weeks, depending on user engagement. While the free version of Slack has fostered daily user engagement, with approximately 1/3 of all registered active users logging in each day, it has caused the remaining 2/3 of users to miss out on potentially highly valuable content.

At the time of writing, to move up to the Slack Standard Plan would cost no less than $95,000 (USD)/year (including generous discounts) to allow for messages to be retained beyond the last 10,000.

Content Contributions

The content contributed to Measure Chat Wiki will primarily come from registered users of Measure Chat, as they are the ones engaged in the conversations or consumers that want to "bookmark" a potentially useful idea or concept. As the digital marketing industry not limited to simply a group of a couple thousand people on Measure Chat, from time to time non-Measure Chat users may contribute content with the intention of enhancing existing content.