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An incomplete list of industry conferences for the current year
An incomplete list of industry conferences for 2017
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An incomplete list of industry conferences for 2017

Conference Primary Topic City, State Country Date # Days Price Link Comment
Ad Tech Multiple USA http://ad-tech.com/
Adobe Summit Las Vegas, NV USA 2017-03-10 4 $$$$ http://summit.adobe.com/na/
Adobe Symposium Sydney, NSW Australia 2017-05-23 $$$$
BrightonSEO Brighton UK 2017-09-01 1 http://www.brightonseo.com/
Click Summit Raleigh, NC USA 2017-05-17 3 http://www.brooksbell.com/click/
Click Z Multiple USA http://www.clickzlive.com/
Conversion Conference Multiple USA http://www.conversionconference.com
Conversion Jam Oslo Norway 2017-09-27 1 https://conversionjam.com
ConversionXL Live San Antonio, TX USA 2017-04-05 3 https://live.conversionxl.com/
Customer Centricity Conference San Francisco, CA USA 2017-05-10 2 http://customercentricityconference.com
Deep Learning Indaba Johannesburg South Africa 2017-09-11 http://www.deeplearningindaba.com/
Digimarcon Cruise http://digimarcon.com/cruise/
Digital Analytics Hub London UK 2017-06-01 http://www.digitalanalyticshub.com No presentations, all moderated round-table discussions led by analytics champions
Digital Analytics Hub New Orleans, LA USA 2017-10-02 2 https://www.digitalanalyticshub.com/us_2017/
DMA Boston, MA USA 2017-10-03 6 http://dma15.org/
Dreamforce (Salesforce.com) San Francisco, CA USA 2017-09-15 4 http://www.dreamforce.com
E-Tail West Palm Springs, CA USA 2017-02-17 4
Elite Camp Tallinn Estonia 2017-06-16 http://www.digitalelitecamp.com/
eMetrics Summit - SF San Francisco, CA USA 2017-05-14 4 http://www.emetrics.org/sanfrancisco
eMetrics Summit - Chicago Chicago, IL USA 2017-06-19 4 https://www.emetrics.org/chicago/2017
eMetrics Summit - London London UK 2017-10-11 2 http://emetrics-summit.co.uk/
E-Tail East Boston, MA USA 2017-08-14 4
Google I/O Mountain View, CA USA 2017-05-17 3 https://events.google.com/io/
Internet Retailer Chicago, IL USA 2017-06-02 4 http://www.irce.com/
Marketing Festival Brno Czech Republic http://www.marketingfestival.cz/en/
Marketo Marketing Nation Summit San Francisco, CA USA 2017-04-13 3 https://summit.marketo.com/2017/
MarTech San Francisco, CA USA 2017-03-31 2 http://martechconf.com/
Measure Camp - Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH USA 2017-05-13 1 http://cincinnati.measurecamp.org/
Measure Camp - San Francisco San Francisco, CA USA 2017-07-22 1 http://sanfrancisco.measurecamp.org/
Measure Camp - Melbourne Melbourne, Vic Australia 2017-06-03 1 http://melbourne.measurecamp.org/
Measure Camp - London London UK 2017-03-25 1 http://london.measurecamp.org/
Opticon San Francisco, CA USA 2017-06-17 2 https://www.optimizely.com/opticon
Predictive Analytics World - SF San Francisco, CA USA 2017-05-14 5 http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/2017/
Predictive Analytics World - Chicago Chicago, IL USA 2017-06-19 4 http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/chicago/2017/
Predictive Analytics World - London London UK 2017-10-11 2 http://predictiveanalyticsworld.co.uk/
Search Love Boston, MA USA 2017-04-30 2 https://www.distilled.net/events/searchlove-boston/
Shop.org Philadelphia, PA USA https://nrf.com/who-we-are/retail-communities/digital-retail-shoporg
SMX http://searchmarketingexpo.com/
South by Southwest Austin, TX USA http://sxsw.com/
Superweek Budapest Hungary http://www.superweek.hu/ Web Analytics from a Stephen King novel. Hotel on top of a mountain next to Budapest, with fog covering the only road away. All the speakers and attendees are in the same venue for the duration of the conference. Surreal atmosphere, beautiful scenery, good balance of sponsored talks vs. talks by world experts in web analytics.
Text Analytics World San Francisco, CA USA 2017-03-31 2 http://www.textanalyticsworld.com
UnSummit Las Vegas, NV USA 2017-03-09 1 http://un-summit.ticketleap.com/2017/ Networking and presentations prior to Adobe's event. A warm-up of sorts.
Which Test Won Austin, TX USA 2017-04-29 2 http://whichtestwon.com/theliveevent/